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Hands On learning


A personalized and Adaptive Approach: Guided Learning towards Success

Unique method developed by Jean-Paul Piazzolla

At the heart of our teaching methodology is a personalized and adaptive approach, designed to provide each learner with the tools necessary to overcome language challenges and excel in new language acquisition based on Jean’s empirical research and experiences -Paul Piazzolla.


Course of the Learning Process

Face-to-face Interactive Sessions:

The first part of the course is dedicated to face-to-face sessions with me as the teacher. Emphasis is placed on developing listening and speaking skills, as well as introducing essential grammar rules. These sessions create an interactive learning platform, fostering a dynamic environment where students actively engage, practice and perfect their language skills.

Online Resources and Additional Materials:


The second part of the course integrates online resources and materials to reinforce the in-person lessons. These tools encourage repetition and independent preparation, providing students with the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and actively prepare for future sessions.

Practical Training for Sustainable Results:


Our approach is based on hands-on training, engaging each student in active participation and practical application. This method guarantees lasting results and allows learners to develop their skills independently.


Course Structure:

The standard course generally consists of 30 academic hours, with two 60-minute sessions per week led by the professor.

In addition, 15 hours are dedicated to self-directed online studies, reinforcing face-to-face teaching.

Educational Objective Focused on Progress:


The educational objective of each module goes beyond the acquisition of basics or vague definitions. We ask ourselves the question: what skills must the learner master to access the next module? This approach, deliberately removed from frontal teaching, is entirely learner-centered, promoting thoughtful and individualized progression.


Your linguistic success is our priority. Join us on this immersive and personalized learning adventure.


An Enriching Journey as a Teacher:

Throughout my journey as a teacher, each experience has been an opportunity to grow and refine my understanding of language teaching. My passion for learning is not limited to transmitting knowledge, but extends to inspiring every learner to discover the pleasure of mastering a new language.

Guided by a learner-centered teaching approach, I have found that true success lies in the ability to create an interactive and engaging learning environment. My courses aim to encourage autonomy, active participation and continuous progress in each student.

Each module I design is the result of careful consideration of the skills needed to achieve specific language goals. My commitment to teaching extends beyond traditional concepts to embrace a dynamic approach where each student is viewed as a unique individual with distinct needs.

Joining my classes means embarking on a personalized linguistic journey, where action becomes the very essence of learning. It is with enthusiasm and dedication that I share this passion with my students, guiding them towards acquiring lasting language skills and achieving their goals. I can’t wait to share this educational adventure with you.