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Once upon a time… in a land where people speak many different languages

In my life, two things have always played an important role: languages and learning.

During my childhood I learned Luxembourgish, German, French and Italian.

I very much enjoy remembering how happy my sister and I were in the Gelatary near the beach in Italy.

The tasty ice cream in our small hands were the proof of our success when speaking Italian.

Later in life, I learned to speak English and a little bit Russian.

I did my high-school degree in evening classes and after this I studied during four years at University by distance learning.

Life has, so to speak, showed me the way to my dream work, because that is the way I became a teacher in elementary school and language teacher.

Today I am very grateful for the chance helping children and adults to develop their language competences, so they too can realise their dreams as well…