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I really loved to learn English with Jean Paul. He is very patient and he know how to adapt courses to student’s needs and level. His method based on listening, reading, speaking was perfect for me. My level in English is better now. It’s easy to learn a new language with competent people. I am very grateful, thank you. Namasté 🙂

Caterine T.


During my language course with academia, I have made a very good experience.

The lessons have been prepared taught by my highly qualified teacher, this made the course easy to follow.

After having set up the basic, I was able to have some small conversation in German.  This course motivated me to going on and further developing my language competences.

Learning a new language with academia is always awesome. It is fun, interesting and easy to follow.

I very much appreciate the teacher’s approach. Whenever I have to prepare a language test, he is at my side, listens to my needs and knows what to do.  With his competences, his creative mind set and my work ethic I get great results.

I can highly recommend the professional approach and competences of Jean-Paul Piazzolla.

Sybille,coach professionnel


I know Jean-Paul for about twenty years now. 
I consulted him on several occasions to get his opinion on many subjects. 

It was every time a pleasure and an intellectual enrichment.

Also when my children had difficulty assimilating the material in French, 
I decided to appeal to my long-time friend. And I have not been disappointed.

I was particularly impressed by his ability to manage the learning opportunities of each age group.

I have a child and a teenager who have been his students. My child has passed examination for high school 

successfully, while my teenager saw her points sky-rocketing after the courses organized by Jean-Paul. 

I strongly recommend this teacher who finds a different and adapted approach to teach the subject 

individually according to the abilities of each student.

Jean-Paul we thank you for your commitment and to have contributed to our success.

Linda and Leila Erpelding,

as well as their mum Susana Pelicano